XQ team supports Bartleby vision following recent visit

Dr. Martinez voices XQ's support for Bartleby

Posted On: Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bartleby is on a journey to rethink high school, and on Thursday night, the team received a special visit from XQ Institute leaders, the organization unifying 18 Super School Projects (including Bartleby) across the country. Following a presentation by Bartleby teachers and school and district administrators, Chief School Support Officer Dr. Monica Martinez and School Support Associate Sophie Klimcak expressed support for the vision to integrate Bartleby philosophies and methods throughout Elizabethton High School.

“We are so excited about what you guys are doing,” said Dr. Martinez. “You guys are creating this momentum and using student voice to develop the curriculum, and that’s what we’re here to support.”

students eating dinner with administrators

The visit included a dinner with Bartleby students and teachers, Board of Education members, and Elizabethton City Schools administrators. School and program leaders gave an overview of how Bartleby has developed thus far and the plan to integrate the program throughout the high school.

Some of the future plans include launching the Bartleby classroom pod in fall 2018, where English III and US History will be taught together using subject-blending. Once funding is available, the goal is to grow the Bartleby teaching team, and to provide them with a flexible classroom meeting space so that subject blending can take place in a cross-curricular environment.

Students giving Dr. Monica Martinez a school tour

In addition, Bartleby will be working to infuse the Cyclone Experience freshman level course with a focus on goal setting, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and total development as an individual. Following a student interest survey, school administration has approved of Bartleby oversight in the addition of new passion-driven, project-based courses in fourth period. The program is working to integrate Bartleby principles into senior courses, and to offer an online course to schools across the state.

Bartleby is also going to train teachers school-wide in project-based learning principles so that all students can benefit from this learning model. Bartleby is also working on securing evaluation software so that standards mastery may be tracked between blended courses and through student projects.

Elizabethton High School Principal Josh Boatman spoke enthusiastically about the program’s future. “We want this program to grow and be a vine that touches everything in our school – whether we offer it as a full-day program or through Bartleby courses. There is a tangible difference in the confidence we are seeing in our students.”

Hannah Roaten wins $1,000

Dr. Martinez and Klimcak also attended the CareerQuestTN Shark Tank: It’s All About Business Competition, which took place between 20 area high school teams and individuals’ business ideas for a $1,000 prize. Bartleby student Hannah Roaten won the competition with her proposal for a local business called Local Harvest Delivery, which is a grocery delivery service specializing in locally grown foods.

More info about Bartleby is available online at www.ecschools.net > Schools > Bartleby Program, and on Facebook and Twitter. View photos from the whole evening in the Facebook photo album.

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